The One Eyed Albino Shark

 I don’t know if you read the news or heard of this. But a commercial fishing crew caught a pregnant Dusky Shark legally in Mid-2011 off the coast of Mexico. When they cut the shark open and they realized that it was pregnant, but with an special surprise. Apparently, the Dusky Shark was pregnant with an albino “cyclops” shark. Scientists has said that this fetus is legitimate, however it wouldn’t have likely survived in the wild.
photo credit: Pisces Fleet Sportfishing
I instantly thought of Pirate101. Imagine an in-game Boss that was a mature albino Cyclops shark? Now that would be quite a character! I like seeing unique characters, so an albino one-eyed shark would be cool to see. If you’re an albino with one eye, you will stand out for sure and I can imagine it to be a rough character. Being an one eyed albino in the wild will have turned you into a super super tough character just because you had to be to survive.

Or maybe even as a cute little pet?!
What do you think? Would you like to see such an animal in-game for Pirate101?
Post comments below to give your opinion!

To Pirate Or Not To Pirate?

Dan Hibiki was playing “Skull Girls” and he successfully finished the single player campaign when he got a strange message. “What is the square root of a fish? Now I’m sad.” This baffled him so much that he took to Twitter to tweet Skull Girls directly and he got an answer that he didn’t expect.

Apparently being lazy was an excuse for him to pirate a game. He swore up and down that he was going to buy a copy ANYWAY. In the end, a very generous SkullGirls fan gave him a copy of the game, so now he owns one legally. 
What I commend the most is the way SkullGirls reacted. They kept their cool and they reacted kindly. Kudos to SkullGirls!
But the moral of the story is DONT PIRATE! Don’t cheat, steal, copy, edit a game! This takes money out of the company’s pocket. Don’t say, “Oh well they have plenty of money.” What if you’re not the ONLY one doing it, then how can they keep the game running? They can’t and in turn, you lose access to a fabulous game.
On a positive note, I have received a SkullGirls game as a gift. To support the fabulous SkullGirls, I will try it out and review it, so stay tuned!

Game Cards: Is It Worth It Or Not?

Okay so, yep this is gonna be all about game cards. 
I was chatting with a dear friend, Timothy Titan, about game cards. I remember back in 2010, I was so excited to go to the local Rite-Aid and get a Wizard101 game card so I could get a Defender Pig. I would run around so proud and thinking I was the ultimate wizard with my little pig at my side.
I always wanted to collect all of the game cards until I realized that some pets weren’t that useful. And then pet pavilion came along and allowed me to be able to hatch for those useful game card pets which saved me money. That just made my interest wane even more.
But then eventually, I started realizing that the game card pets were boring because they all looked alike, wasn’t all useful and they were easily obtained through hatching.
Then Pirate101 came along with its own new set of game card pets. I was confronted with a dilemma. Should I really care or not? Now let me be brutally honest here. I don’t. They all look alike and not all of them are useful. The only reason I get those game card pets is for research and to hatch with others to help them complete their collection. Now with the pet pavilion, it has now become even more easier to get a game card pet if I need it, so there’s no rush for me to scramble and try to get all of them.
It’s like if McDonalds send out a set of toys that looks exactly the same but has the same card in their Happy Meals. People won’t rush out for it. But if the set of toys were ALL unique, then yes that’s something you would want to get to complete a collection. The cards it came with would not matter as much as the actual toy. The fact of the matter is that you can easily buy crowns online, so going in the store to get crowns should benefit you even more or even motivate you to do it.
So I was thinking of how to keep the game card pets interesting even after the initial SQUEE is over. I think that all game card pets should have its own unique look. Personally, I love pets for its looks more than talents, powers or cards. Having 5 sets of a pet that looks exactly the same except it has its own talent/power/card. Eh. Even if the pets had an useful talent/power, it would be transferred to a better looking pet and then the original game card pet would be forgotten.
Imagine all game cards had its own unique weapon, you would want to get all of them, right? That should apply to pets as well. They should have their own cool special animations too. Especially when Pirate101 is introducing a new line of game card pets with new names. Confetti Dragon for Pirate101, for example, I was hoping this pet would randomly throw confetti, but alas it doesn’t. What if the game card pets had their own animations? That would be cool esp if the pets have a theme.
So my opinion is, to update the pet’s looks so they have their own special look and animation perhaps. They also should be sold online. I mean I don’t want to schlep to countless stores just to try to get a pet that looks like the others. I would hatch for it instead or not even buy it.
But what do you guys think? Do you think the game card needs improvement? How?
Post your ideas and thoughts in the comments below. 

Wizard101 Butterfly Mount & Pirate101 Pets

Wizard101 has introduced the brand new Monarch Butterfly Mount as well as a Dual Skimmer which is like the Dual Dragonfly except it’s all pink. Dual Skimmer is also 2,500 crowns less than the original Dual Dragonfly mount.

The Monarch Butterfly reminded me of a fundraising project that was tweeted by our lovely Wizard101 community manager a while ago. Apparently there’s not enough Milkweed plants for them to help their species survive. It’s actually shrinking, so there’s a massive spotlight on fundraising where people can buy milkweed plants to support the beautiful butterflies. You could join the below fundraiser at Kickstarter where you can buy Milkweed plants for your outdoor gardens.


Sunny Side Up

People were getting confused about pet eggs, which egg belongs to which pet and what type of egg. So I created an guide on Pet Eggs!


(Mooshu Badge Photo Credit To ChrissyTheBlesser)

Want an Imperial Lion?

Since a lot of people are having a hard time completing the badge that gives them an Imperial Lion pet as a reward. ChrissyTheBlesser has made this awesome guide on which quests, where, who and more. Check it out and soon you will have your own Imperial Lion pet!


(Photo Credit To Pirate101)

Whooooo Is There?! It’s Me, Owl!

And best of all, the Mechanical Owl is finally out in Crown Shop! It only costs 2,500 crowns too!

A Successful Hybrid in Pirate101!

I was so excited when I hatched this pet from my Golden Sky Rattler and Cheyenne’s Deathstalker Scorpion. But apparently the Golden Dragon as I call it since it doesn’t fit the “Golden Sky Rattler” at all is not a true hybrid. It’s a bug. And they are planning to turn them all back into true rattlers or snakes. What a let down. But suddenly I heard rumors of another hybrid in the morphing tent…
Introducing the Grimtooth Reaper that came from a Ebon Spectre and a Not So Great White Shark (NSGWS). Thank you Swordroll for hatching with me!
But the work on hybrids is not stopping here and Decius has given nice information and hints for us to focus on.
So there’s more hybrids among the most common pets? That would be the Ostrich, maybe the pack pets, the new pets for gold, chameleon or the badge pets maybe?

If you’re doubting that they exist on live, don’t fret. Decius have confirmed that they are!

We have been having an extremely hard time trying to copy over the new Grimtooth Reaper and what Decius said might explain why. The reaper probably doesn’t allow itself to be copied over at all. The only way you can get it is if you hatch its parents. It took me NINE tries while my lovely friend, Chrissy The Blesser had to do it up to 25 times. Persistence and Patience are the keys here. Don’t give up! One day you could be an owner of a Grimtooth Reaper or a brand new hybrid!
Here’s a few suggestions:
-When farming for gold, try out the chests in Aquila. If you find the coveted 2 person or especially the 4 person chests,  you can earn up to approx. 11k in one shot! This does make Friar Sands look cheap. I also like this because it helps me work toward my treasure chest badge anyway. There’s one for 500 chests! In no time, you’ll be an Expert Treasure Hunter!
-Keep an hybrid hatching journal, write down every combo you have tried, so this will keep you on track. Also write down your theories as well. Here’s mine:
-Just remember, it takes MANY tries to get a new hybrid, so it’s all about luck. So don’t get so upset if you continue to fail. If you’re tired of doing a certain combo, try something new. You can ALWAYS come back to the previous theories later.
-Don’t forget, there is a bunch of us hatchers like you on the Wizard101 Boards and other sites. So if you need help, just post away and we’re here for you.

Adventures in Pet Hatching

My babies lurvvvvvvvvvvvves me!
So, I’ve been called a Crazy Pet Hatcher. That’s probably true. I’ve hatched so many times, working on so many different goals and few of them are to get new pets and find out new hybrids.
If you want to know what to expect in pets that were seen in test,
The only pets that are not included that I will talk about next.
Once test came to live, we were surprised with THREE new pets in Crown Shop – the Clown Fish, Thresher Shark and the Hammerhead Shark.
Now that’s a mighty fine afro on the brand new Clown Fish!
Not So Great White Shark on left, Thresher Shark in middle and Hammerhead Shark on right.
The Not So Great White Shark you could get from Pet Wrangling. Apparently it drops from the Sky Snakes near Paths of Penance in Subata Skyway, Mooshu.
I have been hatching like mad and of course what you need most is SNACKS!
How do you get snacks? There’s FIVE methods.
1 – Pet Wrangling
You can set your companions on the Pet Wrangling Tasks. They will get you Pet Gear, Pet Snacks and if you’re really lucky, a pet!
2 – Pet PvP
It doesn’t even matter if you win or lose. Even Practice PvP gives you snaks! You still get some really good snacks! If you’re confused how Cheering works or all of the Pet PvP stuff, check out my guide about it at: It isn’t perfect. But it does cover the basics!
3 – Battles
Any battle you go into will have a chance of snacks dropping!
4 – Second Chance Chests
They do have a chance of giving you snacks as well!
5 – Packs!
There’s two brand new packs in the Crown Shop. Mega Snack Packs which gives you Rank 9 and 8 Pet Snacks which normally costs 2,500 crowns each. They also have a much cheaper Snack Pack which goes for 115 crowns. If you ‘re lucky, you can get a Rank 7 Pet snack along with lower rank snacks. Now don’t think this is cheap. I have bought the cheaper Snack Pack and used them a lot if I have to. If you pay to skip the training, you can easily raise a pet from baby to adult within 10 minutes on those same snacks.
So far, there’s only a few “special” pets. I think of them as Hybrids, but Pirate101 doesn’t think of them that way. Here’s the Skull Island Macaw. You can’t get a copy of the original Beta pet, the Skarakeet, so instead of that you get a different pet that looks like it. Although, it is named differently and even looks differently.
There’s one more pet that I’m totally stumped over if it’s a Hybrid or a mistake.
I hatched my Ostrich who’s normally very pink with a Ice Scarab and got a blue Ostrich. They both have the SAME name and well, it doesn’t make any sense to me! I just found out from one of the developers on the Pirate101 message board that the Pink one is a special pet and the Blue one is the normal pet. Kinda like our special Skarakeet and its Macaw hybrid.
And I discovered a bugged pet when I was using my Golden Sky Rattler..
I was so excited when I hatched this pet from my Golden Sky Rattler and Cheyenne’s Deathstalker Scorpion. But apparently the Golden Dragon as I call it since it doesn’t fit the “Golden Sky Rattler” at all is not a true hybrid. It’s a bug. And they are planning to turn them all back into true rattlers or snakes. What a let down. But suddenly I heard rumors of another hybrid in the morphing tent…
Introducing the first TRUE Hybrid, Grimtooth Reaper, this pet came from a Ebon Spectre and a Not So Great White Shark (NSGWS). Thank you Swordroll for hatching with me!
But confirmed pets in-game that I KNOW that you can get:
Ice Scarab – Dropped by Cadmus, Illios, The Caves of Ruin, Aquila (Not Confirmed)
DinoLizard – Pyramid of Fire, Xol Akmul, Blood Shoals, Skull Island (Confirmed)
Quackosaurus –
Marie Celestia, Skull Island Skyway, Skull Island (Confirmed)
Prawn Emperor, Skull Cap Cove, Skull Island (Confirmed)
Inky Octopus – ?
Violet Puffer Fish – ?
Not So Great White Shark – Sky Snakes, Subata Skyway, Mooshu
Coconut Crawlie – ?
Now so far, we’ve noticed new animals in the surrounding lands of each world.
Both found in Aquila
But nobody noticed this incredibly interesting new monster in Cool Ranch, the Rollie Pollie!
It even acts like the Armadillo!
So what does this mean? Is it possible that there’s a new pet out there based on this monster? Why did it suddenly pop up? What is its purpose?
 Finally, then I decided I neglected Wizard101 long enough, so I visited it. While wandering around and chatting with a dear friend, I accidentally stumbled into a room and found the Stormzilla Eggs.
Then I realized, HEY! Pirate101 should let us have an egg and raise a Stormzilla pet! 😀 Yes, yes, I know I’m a bit overboard with this pet hatching and all that. I just had an genius idea! I should have a special badge that says “Pet Hatching Maniac!” 
By the way, Pirate101, can I PLEASE have this Panda as a pet?!

Pet Training & Cheering

Confused where to start? Let’s start here with a pet of mine.

Time To Do Some Explainin’..

This is its stats. Notice it has two sections. One is a section about Strength, Agility, Will, and Health. Then the second section, the Cheer Stats.

The reason why they’re separate is they’re for two different purposes. The top section is for making your pet tougher and stronger. The bottom section pertains to the cheering ability that you have in Pet PvP. Be aware when you train, there are DIFFERENT activities for both.

The Activities

This Activity page is how you train your pets. There’s different options you can use as you unlock them. Each one will be geared EITHER to the section with Strength, Agility, Will and Health OR the Cheer Stats.

Look carefully, I picked Dead Lift which gives point towards Strength, Health and Experience.

Now if you read carefully, Deadlift will give you also a pet gear which you can save up for higher level activity. Higher level activities will require pet gear, but they will give MORE points towards Strength, Agility, Will, Health and Experience. You can also earn Pet Gear from Pet PvPing, Questing or if you buy them.

Now this is my maxed out pet, so she is able to unlock ALL worlds’ activities.

Now I picked Iron Fist. Notice it will give points or NOT to the Cheer Stats. Like I said before, there are activities that are geared to one section or other.

You can see this requires a Squirt Bottle which I don’t have, so therefore I can’t train for it until I get some!

Now you’re starting to wonder what to do with those Cheer Stats. You see in Pet PvP, you get to cheer your pet to make it fight harder or be stronger or dodge better, etc etc. 

How Do I Use Cheer?

When you Pet PvP, you will notice the cheer section on the bottom of the screen.

As you can see my Cheer button on the bottom is grayed out. You have to wait for the meter on the left side on top of the cheer button to fill up before that cheer button lights up

Now the meter is full. You can see it be white.


Now it’s green which is the more stronger cheering you can give. But be aware that sometimes the icon on the left side of the button changes. Strength..

Or Will. You’ll have to choose, but do it quickly. They tend to change within a second.

WOOT I WIN! I get some pet gears that I can use towards my pet’s training.

Okay, So What Should I Do With The Cheer Stats?

This is straight from Pirate101: 

  • Guts. Pets with great Guts get more Action from cheering when their Health is high.
  • Grit. Pets with great Grit get more Action from cheering when their Health is low.
  • Guile. Pets with great Guile get more Action from cheering when their Health is mid-range.
  • The number of times you can cheer depends on your pet’s power.
    It’s also important to watch your pets as they spar and time your cheers. Pets get bonus Action from cheering when they successfully attack (Strength-based cheer bonus), take damage from a hit (Will-based cheer bonus), or dodge (Agility-based cheer bonus). Knowing your pet’s forte with Strength, Will, and Agility will help make for winning decisions when it comes to cheering!

    Have you noticed the other meter opposite of the white one? Well that’s something you’ll really like. Every time you cheer, you will slowly fill up the right meter. But once you fill it up, you will be able to pick from THREE actual cards and cast one of them. 

    What Cards?! 

    Well, the cards you unlock while training your pet is very useful for pet pvping. You can use them to be casted on your opponent’s pets for great damage or on your own pet for boosts and protection.

    Hope that I answered all of your questions.

    Gorilla Warfare & Spider Eggs

    I so do love a good sale! This is why I wanted to buy him now. You’ll save 2,245 crowns.
    “Oh Gortez, can you please just surrender? Preferably 25 times? I’ll make it worth your while. You can be on my crew and I got plenty of yum!”
    Pirate101 has a current sale on certain companions and one of them is Goronado aka Gortez. I couldn’t pass it up and it took me two days to complete the badge to unlock him. Even though it’s pretty an easy dungeon, it still was time consuming. People have said that he’s amazing for Witchdoctors and if you keep picking Relentless, he becomes a beast. Well, he’s already a beast. So Beastly Beast?
    The badge I had to earn in order to unlock him. I had to defeat him 25 times! 
    Not only that the dungeon forced me to collect spider eggs! EW! 8 spider eggs x 25 times? That’s 200 spider eggs. Oh the horrors!!!
    Gorilla Warlord
    Tada! He’s on my Witchdoctor’s crew now. I can’t wait to try him out! That axe looks wicked too.

    Goronado’s Profile

    Gorilla Buccaneer
    Buccaneer Class
    How Obtained: Unlock Him in the Crown Shop by Completing Badge
    Badge Name: “Lord of the Apes”
    Already Comes With:
    Gorilla Warfare – x1 Damage, Hits All Adjacent Enemies
    Vicious Charge – Double Movement, Target Takes +50% Damage, -50% Accuracy, +50% Glancing Blow. (Stabby, Slashy, Choppy Weapons Required.)
    Turn The Tide – +25% Damage When Below 50% Health
    Bladestorm – Bonus Attack When You Defeat An Enemy
    Jump – Can Jump Over Obstacles In Combat
    Talents They Can Learn –
    Epics They Can Learn –
    Blade Storm 2
    Vengeance Strike
    Repel Boarders
    Hold The Line
    What Talents To Choose For This Companion:
    Strong 4
    Armored 4
    Rough 4
    Tough 4
    What Epics To Choose For This Companion:
    Relentless 2
    Promotion #1: “Promotion” – Gorilla Warlord – Pay 3000 Gold – Level 30

    Planning The Set Up Of Your Characters

    My First Lesson in Account Management

    I am at least able to pay for 2 accounts, so this means that I can dual box. Dual box(ing) means I’m able to bring up two Wizard101 or Pirate101 game windows with separate accounts at the same time and quest my characters together. For instance, I can open my first and second accounts which allows my Fire on my first and my Ice on my second to quest together for Wizard101. I can do the same for Pirate101. 
    You know, when I first played Wizard101, within months, I filled my first account up with all high level characters and I was so happy. Then I set up a second account and realized that I made a mistake. One account with full 6 maxed out wizards and now this second account, I put a character of the remaining school which was Ice and an extra Life. When I looked at both accounts, I realized that it left me seriously unbalanced.
    When dual boxing, I could choose either Ice or Life on my second account to go along with my first account’s 6 maxed out wizards. Not enough options there when questing two accounts together. People would say, eh, just raise another one, but what if you didn’t want to? Especially when you already have a lovely character of that school who you already raised. Repeating everything on a second account could get a tad boring. Or you just simply do not have the time to raise another one.
    Not only that, I regretted raising wizards in certain schools that I found boring or didn’t suit my gaming style. This also ate up a spot on my account which could have been used in a better way!

    What I Should Have Done

    I should have made sure that each account had an equal amount of characters. That way all of my wizards will have a partner while questing. Not only that, I would at least have space on both accounts to hold what I call junk. Those packs can really set up a mess! Not to mention the things you get while questing. 
    I should have thought about PvP Plans as well as how to store my junk. If you want to try out low level PvP, this also means that you have to make sure that you had space for them. I at least had one on my second account.

    And most of all, I should have researched, slowed down and made sure that I would actually like the character’s school that I picked for them. If you don’t enjoy it, what’s the point?

    What Did I Learn?

    When I created a Pirate101 account, I already knew that I had to make double sure that I planned it ahead. So currently one account has 3 maxed out pirates while the other has 2 maxed out pirates and both have plenty of space for low level characters to hold my junk. Lovely!

    Planning ahead and school or class research is crucial. It is much easier if you make sure that your accounts are balanced ahead of time. With that in mind, you first have to decide what school or class you want to do. If you can afford one or two accounts. Two accounts gives you more choices. One is much harder especially in Wizard101.

    When starting a new account, you have to be aware that you have only 6 slots in Wizard101 and Pirate101. Wizard101 has 7 schools. Therefore if you use up every slot in Wizard101, you will not be able to have a character for every school. However, Pirate101 has 5 classes, so you can have a character in every class plus one extra. But this still doesn’t mean that you should clutter up your Pirate101 account with random characters.
    You also should make sure that you actually do want the class or school. Research of the class or school will help you decide. A simple quiz at the beginning of the game that helps you pick a school won’t help you much. My suggestion? Test play a LOT in the Free To Play areas before seriously questing them pass the Free To Play areas. And research, research. Also ask your fellow wizards or pirates about their experiences and ask them for suggestions.

    If You Can Only Afford One Account

    If you have only one account, well it’s tougher I know. This means that you have to be extra sure about what schools or classes that you really want to play. What I suggest for you is to play your newly made characters in the Free To Play areas first and see how you like your character’s school or class. Only level them pass the Free To Play zones if you’re SURE that you like the school or class. I also recommend that you read up on the multiple guides on different classes or schools at various official fansites. Look carefully at what they CAN do and CANNOT do. You also should read carefully about their spells or powers they receive in the higher levels. You have to make sure that it fits your gaming style.
    For instance, for Wizard101, Storm is a powerful school with extremely high damage, but also has low health and a low accuracy rate. Will you be able to think quick, hit fast and still stay alive? Do you have the patience for that? Do you thrive on the pressure? If that would annoy you, maybe having a Fire would be better or even Ice who’s very strong.
    Or in Pirate101, do you like blow things up? Maybe you’d prefer to be a Musketeer where you can shoot from distance and put traps. Do you like fighting at a distance? Would that bore you? Would you prefer fight in close quarters as a Buccaneer instead? It all depends on your personal preference and your gaming style.

    If You Can Only Afford Two Accounts… Or More.

    Now if you have two accounts, you have a lot more options. And it’s easier to quest since you can dual box which is being able to have two Wizard101 or Pirate101 accounts open. This way you KNOW you always have somebody at your side who’s reliable and available anytime.. YOU! Also it saves you crowns from spending on henchmen. Who needs henchmen when you have a clone of yourself? Now that’s magic to me.
    But make sure if you want to dual box, you have wizards on both accounts that compliment one other. Ice and Storm do quest together wonderfully, so do Storm and Life or Fire and Ice. Now that Balance would help so much in boosting. Same goes for Pirate101. Privateer is quite helpful with Buccaneer who’s not so strong or Musketeer with Witchdoctor.

    Junk Holders

    Lastly, it does not matter if you have one or two accounts, I actually really do suggest to leave one or two spots open with low level characters to hold your stuff on all accounts. It would help you easily organize things and hold surplus things that you are not ready to sell. But this will certainly eat up a spot that you might need in the future. So plan it ahead and decide if this is necessary for you.

    To Sum It Up

    Think twice when setting up your account(s). Plan it all out. Research before you act. But most of all, have fun!

    Pirate101’s Upcoming New Pets!

    This is a guide that’s STILL *Work In Progress*.. So bear with us as we continue to search for new pets.

    – NEW PETS –

    The Ostrich is a pet reward from doing the pet quest we receive from the Town Crier in Avery’s Court.

    Everyone gets this free pet when they complete the pet quest in Avery’s Court from the Town Crier. It’s a free pet reward! 😀
    Blue Ostrich – You get this when you mix a regular pink Ostrich with any pet

    **** PETS FOR GOLD *****

    Stats credited to Dead-Eye Morgan Aldridge aka @RaveMonkey27
    Sold for 7,500 Gold in Bestia

    Stats credited to Dead-Eye Morgan Aldridge aka @RaveMonkey27

    Sold for 3,000 Gold in Bestia
    Sold for 25,000 Gold in Bestia

    – Crown Shop Pets –



    This pet drops from the Shrimp Emperor

    Drops in the last battle of the dungeon; Pyramid of Fire


    We are not sure where the following pets are available since they are not revealed yet.


    The following is what I figure are the new game card pets. As everyone knows, Pirate101 tends to rotate game card pets every month. But I am betting they added a lot more versions of each. Some I wonder if they will show up in December due to their very Christmasy names. I am hoping that they will add Halloween themed names as well!

    Embracing Rattler
    Santa Crawlie